Life is an adventure, created by God!

About Me


My Adventures

We spent 30 years living and loving Colorado. We explored every backroad we could find. And some we probably shouldn't have even been on. But we had a great time finding all the beauty that God packed into the state of Colorado. We were blessed with our years there and never once took it for granted. It became the inspiration for my stories. I wanted to share the places we found with the characters I could imagine. Come on along. Life really is an adventure!

A dream come true.

My Dream

I always wanted to be a writer. Did a bit of it all my life. My grandmother wrote a lot, my mom has written countless stories of her childhood in the depression years, it was only natural for me to keep it going. I used to pray, "Lord, I just want to write a book." Well, I did. And I learned to add to that prayer, "...and get published." 

There we go. 

The first book never saw the light of day. The second after many years of work, learning the craft and finding an editor willing to help me learn (it took 3 rejections for Red Gold to get a contract) finally, published. Two books so far. And hoping for a third very soon. 

My dream continued to have my book in a bookstore. This photo was from a local bookseller that allowed my book to join other Colorado authors. It was so fun to see that! 

When a promotional offer went out through Book Bub, I hit Amazon's Best Seller list and held that position for more than 24 hours. Which may not sound like much, but it was huge for me.


My Journey

The smartest thing I ever did was join the American Christian Fiction Writers. Through them, I learned more on the craft of writing (and continue to learn), I met so many people that are so willing to help, and the networking opportunities are endless. Not to mention, I got to meet some very famous writers, my favorite authors. That is always fun. I try not to go all fan-girl, but what can I say... 

At the national conference in 2012 I met with an acquisitions editor for Pelican Book Group. She invited me to submit my manuscript. It was through the Senior Editor/CEO of PBG that I eventually got that contract. Without her incredible help, pages of suggestions, and me having a willing heart to change things, I would still be plugging along. (Here's a tip for people trying to break into publishing. You will always need to be edited. Don't hold too strong to your polished draft. We miss a lot after reading through them so many times. Be willing to learn from the pros.)

You've heard the saying, It takes a village, that holds true in publishing too. A lot of hands are involved to bring the end result of what is hopefully a very entertaining story. I hope you enjoy mine.


"Romance is often complicated by life and Sandy Nadeau's RESCUE ME takes the reader through the obstacles that surround two people who have been wounded by those complications. Sandy pens a beautiful story of love overcoming all obstacles and God's perfect love healing all wounds. It's my pleasure to recommend RESCUE ME." -Tracie Peterson, best-selling author of over one hundred novels including the Brides of Seattle and Lone Star Brides series.

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Red Gold and Rescue Me.