Life is an adventure, created by God!

Rescue Me

Here's a taste of Rescue Me.

Red Gold

Mandy Phillips loves life with her husband running an adventure ranch in the Colorado mountains, but when Mr. Shonee, their crochety old neighbor, tries to stop them from building a kid-size old west town, their dreams of expansion are crushed. 

Is Shonee just being a difficult neighbor, or is something more sinister going on? A discovery on the property of Colorado's stat mineral leads to more mysteries for the ranch, and then a teenage guest finds herself thrust head first into danger. 

Mandy will have to rescue her, but who will rescue Mandy? Her faith in God is her only source to keep the guests safe, solve the mysteries surrounding her ranch, save her neighbor from himself, and discover the secrets of the Red Gold. 


Other works

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Believe in Miracles


Released on February 4, 2020, I'm thrilled to announce that I have a story in this new book from Chicken Soup for the Soul. Uplifting real life stories from people around the globe. Check out mine, The Rancher and the Pheasant Lady on page 167! So happy to be a part of this book. Get your copy at Walmart or your favorite bookstore.



This book is available through my publisher, Pelican Book Group. It is offered free if you can just pay shipping. It's a lovely book filled with devotionals by fellow PBG authors and you're sure to find nuggets of 

wisdom throughout.

Another one on the Horizon


Coming soon! I will be in a second Chicken Soup for the Soul book titled Laughter is the Best Medicine

with my story titled "Guest Appearance". A humorous story about a canine visitor's predicament. Release date is April 14, 2020.  You'll get a kick out of this one.